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Elmer FEM basic course

Elmer FEM basic course
Päiväys: 04.04.2013 9:00 - 04.04.2013 16:30
Location details: -
Kieli: english-language
lecturers: Peter Råback
Thomas Zwinger
Hinta: -

Elmer Basic course is intended for persons with no or little prior knowledge of Elmer but some background on the solution of partial differential equations. The emphasis on the course will be on the use of Elmer through its graphical user interface, ElmerGUI. Also alternative pre- and postprocessing strategies will be reviewed, and command-line operation of Elmer will be explained. After the course the participants should be able to solve basic modeling problems themselves, modify them manually, and have basic knowledge on the features of Elmer software.

The basic course will be followed by a programming workshop where the idea is to guide the participants in the development of their own models. For more information on this workshop see:

Below is the preliminary program of the course. Changes in the program are possible, and even probable.

  • 9.00 Registration & Coffee
  • 9.30 I Session
    Overview of Elmer
    Demonstration of ElmerGUI
    Instructions for the exercices
  • 11.30 Lunch (at own expense)
  • 12.15 II Session
    Guided exercices with simple walk-through examples in heat transfer, fluid dynamics, structural mechanics and electromagnetics.
  • 14.00 Coffee
  • 14.20 III Session
    Using Elmer software with other pre- and postprocessors
    Using Elmer without ElmerGUI, manually editing the case files
  • 16.30 End of course