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Finnish OpenFOAM® Users Day 2013

Finnish OpenFOAM® Users Day 2013
Päiväys: 13.06.2013 9:00 - 13.06.2013 17:00
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Kieli: english-language
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The event aims to gather together people to share their experiences and ideas of using OpenFOAM®. Any person already using or starting to use the software may found the event useful.  We attempt to keep the day informal, but organized and informative - come along!  Please, use the web registration form below.
9:00 Welcome

9:05 Towards spray combustion simulations using flamelet generated manifolds and large-eddy simulations using OpenFOAM
Armin Wehrfritz, Aalto University

9:35 Gas-solid bubbling fluidized bed simulations with compressibleTwoPhaseEulerFoam
Timo Niemi, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

10:05 Coffee break

10:30 Effects of mesh motion in large-eddy simulations using OpenFOAM
Jukka-Pekka Keskinen, Aalto University

11:00 Overview of the newest release and development in  OpenFOAM community
Ville Tossavainen, Seeinside Oy

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Adaptive mesh on multiphaseEulerFoam solver
Timo Kulju, Oulu University

13:00 Comparison of two Runge-Kutta based incompressible solvers and the standard PISO method in OpenFOAM
Ville Vuorinen, Aalto University

13:30 Coffee break

14:00 OpenFOAM as a design tool for ground-effect dominated airflow, developing race car and GEV aerodynamics
Oskar Elmgren,  Elmer Technology Development Oy Ab

14:30 OpenFOAM on high performance computing platforms
Esko Järvinen, CSC - IT Center for Science

15:00 Discussions

16:00 End of the day