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Next generation sequencing data analysis with R/Bioconductor

Next generation sequencing data analysis with R/Bioconductor
Päiväys: 28.06.2012 10:00 - 30.06.2012 17:00
Location details: -
Kieli: english-language
lecturers: Dr Martin Morgan
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute
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This course by Dr Martin Morgan covers R/Bioconductor functionality for several aspects of next generation sequencing data analysis, ranging from RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data analysis to variant annotation. The course consists of lectures and hands-on exercises, and it is targeted for people who already have experience with the R statistical programming language.

Wednesday 27.6.2012

  • Introduction: R / Bioconductor for sequence analysis
    1. Essential packages
    2. Representing reads and alignments

Thursday 28.6.2012
  • RNA-seq
    1. Differential representation
    2. Clustering and classification
    3. Gene set enrichment

Friday 29.6.2012

  • ChIP-seq
    1. Peak calling
    2. Designed experiments
    3. Motif discovery
  • Variant annotation
    1. Common workflows
    2. Annotations and consequences


Course material and the installation package for Windows are available for download.