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Open source GIS courses

Open source GIS courses
Päiväys: 24.05.2012 00:00 - 26.05.2012 00:00
Location details: -
Kieli: english-language
lecturers: GISMood
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GISMOOD in cooperation with CSC is organizing introductory open source GIS courses this spring for Finnish academic users. The program consists of a 2-day QGIS course and a 1-day GRASS course. The courses provide extensive hands-on experience with QGIS & GRASS. These intensive courses cover the fundamental topics in understanding and using QGIS & GRASS.

QGIS course (2 days), 23.5-24.5.2012        

QGIS is one of the most popular open source GIS desktop software.
QGIS homepage:

  • Getting started with the software (QGIS & GRASS)
  •  Use of QGIS core plugins
  • Handling of data (opening, categorizing, querying, editing & creating vectors)
  • Various data analysis and processing operations
  • Map visualization and cartographic work from layout to hardcopy export


GRASS course (1 day), 25.5.2012

GRASS is the most feature-rich open source GIS desktop software. It is used for data management, image processing, graphics production, spatial modeling, and visualization of many types of data.
GRASS homepage:

  • Practical insight on the QGIS-GRASS plugin
  • Utilizing GRASS as a standalone GIS
  • Spatial analysis with GRASS