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OpenFOAM® Introduction Course at TUT

OpenFOAM® Introduction Course at TUT
Päiväys: 16.04.2013 10:00 - 17.04.2013 16:00
Location details: -
Kieli: english-language
lecturers: Esko Järvinen
Hinta: -

The course is intended for those with little or no previous knowledge of OpenFOAM® package.  The course gives an overview of OpenFOAM and is a good starting point for the package usage.

OpenFOAM CFD Toolbox is freely available and open source.  It is licensed under  the Gnu General Public License. For more information about OpenFOAM, see OpenFOAM home webpage.

The backbone of the course comprises of tutorials with hand-on sessions in which participants resolve the tutorial problems by themself, with assistance of the course trainers. Before each of the tutorial, in the preliminaries sections, all required information necessary for the tutorial are presented. At the end of the course, participants have become familiar with OpenFOAM usage and are able to start using the softaware in their specific projects including own code development.

Maximum number of trainees is 10.

Students and the personnel at TUT are in first priority to attend the course.
The program contains lectures and hands-on tutorials.