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Porting and Optimizing Applications on Cray XC30

Porting and Optimizing Applications on Cray XC30
Päiväys: 15.05.2013 10:30 - 18.05.2013 13:15
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Kieli: english-language
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The course consists of a detailed introduction to the following topics: Compiling and porting codes to the Cray XC30 architecture; profiling and optimizing parallel codes; program development tools (debugging, HW counters) and libraries on Cray XC30.

The goal of this workshop is that, after the course, participants will have their codes ported, compiled, profiled, tuned and ready for efficient production runs. The platform used for the course will be CSC's flagship machine Sisu, a Cray XC30 system. Many of the presented strategies are applicable to other platforms as well.