Everyday life for students just got easier – students at all higher education institutions in Finland can now access the network with a single user ID

Now, all Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture are part of the eduroam roaming service. This means that, beginning in January 2019, all students and researchers can log in to the higher education institution network all over Finland with a single user ID.

Member organization employees and students log in to eduroam with the user IDs for their home organization.

Users gain access to the network through eduroam, which is an international wireless WLAN roaming service, free of charge and providing secure access all over the world. Currently eduroam is found in 101 countries at over 25,000 sites.


Cities can now also become service providers

Interest in the roaming service has also increased beyond the campuses of academia. Currently eduroam is available at, for example, the main public libraries of Jyväskylä and Turku as well as several other libraries in Turku and Jyväskylä. In addition to this, it is possible to log in to eduroam in, for example, the Joensuu city centre area.

Several other cities are considering including the service in their own service offering.

The new eduroam proxy service was created to make it easier for non-higher education institutions, such as cities, to become service providers. Increasing the coverage area of the roaming service promotes student mobility and improves access to wireless services for students and visitors at higher education institutions.

– CSC and its FUNET network grants all willing eduroam service providers access to the infrastructure free of charge. All the service providers have to do is add the eduroam network name next to the other networks on their WLAN. This takes less than an hour to do, guaranteed, explains network specialist Wenche Backman-Kamila of CSC.

In Finland, eduroam is one of CSC's FUNET services.


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