Academy of Finland funding for CSC research infrastructure projects

In January, the Academy of Finland granted a total of EUR 32.4 million for the strengthening of research infrastructures that promote scientific excellence. Funding will be distributed to 21 research infrastructures and 22 research organizations. CSC received funding for three infrastructures.

ELIXIR Finland received EUR 2 million in funding. ELIXIR consists of Life Science Centres of Excellence throughout Europe that are connected via high-speed communications links to the hub, the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). CSC is responsible for operations at the ELIXIR Finland node.

–  FIRI 2018 funding provided by the Academy of Finland is intended for the coordination and operation of the ELIXIR Finland node at CSC in 2019–2023. With coordination funding, ELIXIR Finland will also be participating in the EU's Horizon 2020 and NeIC development projects as a research infrastructure representative for Finnish bioinformatics, thus bringing technology and expertise to Finland, explains ELIXIR Finland Head Tommi Nyrönen of CSC.

The Nordic NeIC (Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration) project received EUR 1,648,000 in funding for 2019–2022. The funding will be put toward Finland's annual membership fees. NeIC is a collaboration network that seeks to promote the development of Nordic e-infrastructure solutions. NeIC is an organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers that receives funding through national research funding organizations.

The Academy of Finland granted a total of EUR 1,150,000 to the EU-OPENSCREEN (European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology) consortium, with EUR 112,000 of this amount going to CSC. EU-OPENSCREEN offers high-quality open infrastructures and technologies for the development of novel molecular tool compounds.

Research infrastructures are instruments, equipment, data networks, databases, materials and services that facilitate research in its various phases. They can be centralized, distributed or virtual and consist of complementary entities and networks.

The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee (FIRI Committee) at the Academy of Finland monitors and develops Finnish and international research infrastructure activity, decides on the selection and funding of infrastructure projects and monitors funded projects.

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