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FAIR helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to advance their digital and green transformation by providing expertise in AI, cybersecurity, high-performance computing (HPC) and Extended Reality (XR) as well as through training and skills development.

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The Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI) project brings together national agencies, research organisations, and technology providers in 22 countries to provide a cross-border federated network of national genome collections for advancing data-driven biomedical research and personalised medicine solutions to benefit citizens of Europe.

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LIH supports SMEs and mid-caps providing services utilizing location data, services and technology as well as public sector bodies utilizing or producing location data, services and technology in advancing the use of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, cybersecurity and advanced digital skills by applying location intelligence.

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The main goal of is to enable Finnish actors in the field of secure communication networks to test and familiarize themselves with QKD technologies. The expected outcome of the project is clear plans for a cost-effective deployment of the future national quantum-communication infrastructure.

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Robocoast EDIH

Robocoast EDIH supports the manufacturing industry to use digital technology to promote sustainable growth and competitiveness (Industry 4.0) by offering a one-stop access to EDIH services and networks of European best digital experts.

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