Computing Services, Software and Databases

CSC maintains and develops a top-notch computing environment and modeling, computing, and information services for universities, polytechnics, research institutions and industrial companies. Researchers can use the largest collection of scientific sofware and databases in Finland. Due to the agreement made with the Ministry of Education and Culture, services are mainly available free of charge to researchers at higher education institutions.

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Computing Services

Our computing resources are located in Kajaani, Finland, in one of the most energy-efficient datacenters in the world.

  • Capacity Computing (Supercluster)

    Capacity Computing environment (Taito supercluster and Taito-shell application server) is suitable for general-purpose technical and scientific computing, from single core (sequential, or serial) jobs to parallel jobs of several hundred cores.
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  • Capability Computing (Supercomputer)
    Supercomputer Sisu is meant for large-scale parallel computation which requires exceptionally powerful supercomputing resources, from several hundreds to up to thousands of cores. Projects with extremely large-scale computing and/or storage demands can apply for resources on the most powerful supercomputers in Europe through the PRACE Research Infrastructure.
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  • Accelerated Computing
    Specialized, energy-efficiencient Taito Accelerator Parition (Bull supercomputer) allows customers to utilize the latest computing technologies and GPU computing.
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  • Cloud Computing, IaaS (Pouta Cloud Services)
    CSC's cloud computing platforms, cPouta and ePouta, offer high performance computing with superior flexibility and user experience via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). cPouta for general-purpose use and ePouta for organizations needing a secure private cloud
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  • Grid Computing
    Grid computing enables applying the resources of many computers or computing clusters in a network to a single problem at the same time. CSC's customers can utilize the Finnish Grid Infrastructure (FGI) as well as other grid Infrastructures.
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  • Customized Computing Solutions
    CSC is the only supercomputer center in Finland and a center of expertise in computational research. We can also implement dedicated computing systems for individual customers or customer groups. Please send inquiries to
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Software and Databases

Researchers can use the largest collection of scientific sofware and databases in Finland:

Using software an databases requires registering as CSC's customer. Companies and research institutions may use some of CSC's software and databases, provided that their licences allow for commercial use. More information about the commercial use of CSC's services »

  • Services for sofware acquisition and maintenance
    • Pre-installed software on CSC's computers
    • Using sofware on customer's own computer with lisence key provided by CSC
    • Software consortia
  • Service packages for specific scientific field
  • Open Source software developed by CSC
    CSC also develops open source software. Our key OS software products are
    • Elmer (multiphysical simulation software) and
    • Chipster (user-friendly bioinformatics software).

CSC offers suport and consultation only for registered customers.

Consultation and training

CSC is the only supercomputer center in Finland and a center of expertise in computational research. Our accomplished experts can help and consult computing projects in e.g.

  • algorithm design
  • code optimization and parallelization
  • computing projects and procurement of computing services
  • building a grid environment and
  • cloud computing.

Our customers can also benefit from a comprehensive curriculum of Scientific Computing related courses.

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