Services for Research Institutes and Companies

Research institutions and companies may also purchase CSC services. In each case, the service content and costs are specified in the agreement between CSC and the customer. Services also include the CSC Service Desk, which provides user support or consultation of another type to be separately determined.

Customer agreements and pricing

Various parties can use CSC services by entering into a customer agreement. Customer agreements take the form of either agreements of use or project agreements.

By entering into an agreement of use the customer obtains a computation quota for one user ID and user rights to the Scientist's User Interface for 12 months. This is the most common agreement for smaller customers and for the commercial research projects of research institutions and universities, for example.

Customers can also agree on more extensive service use by means of a project agreement, in which case four user IDs and a computation time quota will be activated for the project in question. Storage space for the user IDs and project are also included in the agreement. Invoicing is performed at 12-month intervals.


In addition to the customer agreement, CSC requires every user to submit a commercial licence application.

Commercial licence applications

In addition to the actual customer agreement, all service users must sign a commercial licence application. Available in both Finnish and English.

Computing services licence application (PDF)

Consultation services

Every year, CSC carries out several research support assignments which also involve consultation. Assignment-specific service agreements, specifying issues such as work load, schedules and the parties performing the work, are drafted for such assignments.

Software and databases for commercial use

Companies and research institutions may use some of CSC's software and databases, provided that their licences allow for commercial use.

 A list of the software and databases installed on CSC servers can be found on the ‘Services for Research' site.

Further information:

Dan Still
Customer Manager
Business and Industry customers
+358 503 819 037

Ville Savolainen
Customer Solution Manager
Research institutes
+358 503 360 161

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