We advance expertise as a community with assurance and integrity.

CSC keeps to strong values. We are experts of digitalization challenges in the fields of research, culture, national education system and public administration. We are committed to promote our customers' success. The company's operation is not based on gaining financial profit but focusing on increasing Finnish welfare.

The foundation for our expertise, reputation and brand is the CSC personnel

We at CSC are

Friendly – We rise to meet every challenge with a positive attitude, while also valuing differing opinions.

Inspired – We ceaselessly deepen our expertise and proactively place it at our customers' disposal.

Curious – We acquire a thorough understanding of our customer's position and objectives, so that we can provide a correctly scaled solution.

Open – We approach new ideas with an open mind, and communicate transparently.

Determined – We work with a determined and target-oriented approach to promote the best interests of our customers and society at large.


  • We strive together with customers to achieve excellence 
  • We promote national collaboration 
  • We inspire and encourage each other


  • We put our expertise at the disposal of the customer
  • We continuously challenge ourselves to excel
  • We invest in our expertise


  • Our customers' success is our primary concern
  • We promote mutual respect from within



  • We work openly and ethically
  • We work to benefit our customer
  • We commit to our targets
  • We are driven by quality and cost efficiency