CSC ja Täydellinen yhtälö

CSC and the Perfect Equation


We asked our Perfect Equation researchers for their opinions on what kind of role computational science should play in the future and what CSC means to them. This is what they said.


1. How would you compare the significance of scientific computing then and now?
2. How do you see CSC's role in computational science?


Taina Pihlajaniemi 
University of Oulu

1. It's becoming a necessity in an increasing number of fields..

2. It's an extremely important organisation and a great way of visibly providing both nationwide and international scientific computing services.



Minna Palmroth
Finnish Meteorological Institute

1. Scientific computing is already very important, but will definitely become essential over the next 30 years. Many pioneering publications currently combine measurements and computation, and this is a clearly rising trend.

2. Professional and effective. It's great that expertise and resources in this area have been centralised, as this is of great benefit to users.


Hanna Vehkamäki
University of Helsinki

1. Scientific computing is essential for data analysis and the development of both purely theoretical research and experimental methods. These days, theoretical research usually includes a computational aspect. Computational methods leads to a manifold increase in the amount of information we can get from experiments and data.

2. CSC is an important player in Finnish science, and CSC's services give Finnish research teams a competitive edge over many other countries.


Reija Autio
University of Tampere

1. Computing will become even more significant. The price of measurement technologies is falling all the time, and we're measuring more and more data. We're already outpacing Moore's Law. That's why I believe that there'll be an even greater need for high-performance computing. And this isn't only the case with measurement technologies. There's an increasing amount of registry data in many scientific fields, and more computing capacity will be constantly required.

2. I think CSC plays an important role, and I've personally been satisfied with CSC's offering in my own research.


Susanna Pirttikangas
University of Oulu

1. Digitisation will increase its significance. 'Data scientists' are already in high demand in both the corporate and academic worlds.

2. It's extremely important, as the research community has limited resources to increase its own computing capacity.


Kaisa Miettinen
University of Jyväskylä

1. Its significance is growing all the time.

2. A visible and important player.


Laura Elo
University of Turku

1.Scientific computing is essential for research in a variety of fields. There's an increasing need for it in my own field (bioinformatics/computational medicine).

2. CSC plays an important role in computational science in Finland by providing high-end resources for academic research.


Susan Leerink

1. It is one of the most powerful tools we have to address some very complicated unsolved questions in physics. Furthermore there are a lot of potentials outside the field of science.

2. Very important player as they deliver the infrastructure. Without the infrastructure the execution would not be possible in Finland.

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