CSC in the chase for Swamp Soccer World Championship title

CSC1 faced team Abo Wind on Friday at the Swamp Soccer World Championships.

CSC in the chase for Swamp Soccer World Championship title!

Jonna Helenius

CSC – IT Center for Science took part in the 17th annual Swamp Soccer World Championships in Vuorisuo, Hyrynsalmi on 15–16, July.

All together 25 players in two teams set off for Vuorisuo. Team CSC1 played in the business league and CSC International in the women and men mixed league.

CSC is a reliable employer who supports its employees' professional growth as well as well-being. A great example of this is this year's game trip to Hyrynsalmi.

The two days of games left CSC players plenty to remember by. Below player number 30, CSC Event specialist Jonna Helenius tells about her experience in this exciting tournament.

CSC player numbers

You could recognize our players from blue sport gear.

The swamp and I

I saw IT glisten in the bright morning sun, as far as my eyes could see lay my battle field, the swamp. My colleague's words from last night echoes in my mind "Suo-mi" (swamp and me), and soon enough we would unite as one.

Swamp soccer World Championship tournament in Ukkohalla had amassed an amazing 200 teams from around Finland and even some international ones for two days of intense mud games. You could feel the excitement in the air. Teams of women, men and mixed; business, hobby and competitive all cheering one another, hoping for the ultimate – a team victory! Eighteen CSC players, fortified with collaborative partners from Greece, UK and Finland, comprised the two teams – CSC International and CSC1.

We find our first pitch number four at the end of the planks. Carefully placing my feet on the planks as not to get them wet. Little did I know that this was futile effort. Then one foot slips and it is in the swamp, sneaker and sock all wet as the water seeps in. I feel like crying. But the worse was yet to come.

Offense breaking through defence

Offense of CSC International is about to break through the defence of the opposing team.

The games are on

At the pitch we face our first adversary team FC Koskinen. The whistle blows and the first brave players are in. The game is on! The scene is like from a slow motion movie, each and every movement is in slow move. Eventually I get my turn as a substitute player and as soon as I enter the field my feet are stuck, I mean literally stuck in the mud. The harder I try to free my legs, the swamp seems to take even a tighter grip of them, like its telling me it has gotten me and it is not about to let me go. This is hard! The game is mercifully short: two times ten minutes and the first match ends in a loss.

Our next game is set against team Biohazard, armed with a little more experience in swamp soccer we score one goal and finish the game in a tie. Way to go!

Confident in our abilities we are sure our next game will result in a win. We meet the strapping lads of Abo Wind by pitch number four and after some, at times heated playing, end up losing the match. This does not deter us tough, armed with strategies and pumped up adrenaline we are once more set for a win and arrive by pitch eight. Once there we find out our opponents were a no show and we have won. A win!

Finished for the day I start observing the other players and find myself having an eureka moment – they are all crawling! Seems to be the only way to advance on these treacherous fields. Making a mental note to try this tomorrow. I follow the games with enthusiasm and cheering the other CSC team.


A stormy evening sky

The sky was grey on the Friday evening but the spirit of both CSC teams was high.

Ready for new victory

The next day dawns gloomy and rainy, do we really have to go out there? By the time we reach the swamps the weather has improved, it was no longer raining – this is promising!

The first dip into the swamp is the worst – after this it is smooth sailing as far as the mud goes. Standing by my resolve from the day before I dive in the swamp as I am called in and start crawling. This actually is fun.

Even though we were armed with better knowledge and tactics than the day before, we ended up losing our two matches against Team Matti Koukkula and Telinekataja, and were out of the games.

But even though our performance could arguably have been better, we performed well as first timers. But most importantly we enjoyed each game to the fullest; laughing and building team spirit, while crawling and rolling on the muddy swamps of Vuorisuo. This is a great place to continue on the path to victory next time and aim for a brighter place in the rankings.  


T: CSC International

CSC International strengthened by business partners after the matches on the first day.


Team: CSC1

CSC's business team CSC1 getting ready for the matches on Friday.


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