Arvo – Education Management Information Service

Gathering accessible information that is comparable at the national level facilitates steering and planning in the education sector. Exploiting the information thus gathered through data analytics and information visualisation improve reporting capability and enable steering by information.
Arvo, Education Management Information Service, is a survey-based information gathering system tailored for the education administration's needs which collects commensurate and comparable data to enable evaluations of impact in education. In cooperation with Vipunen – Education Statistics Finland, Arvo provides public access to comprehensive statistical data on education and research.

Arvo is a user-friendly and adaptable solution for education actors' data collection, reporting and monitoring needs. As a national service, Arvo is available for both surveys extending across organisational boundaries and those conducted within the organisation. The service has been optimised for mobile devices and multi-language use.

Streamlined features for surveys and reporting have also been secured by integrating Arvo in such national services as VIRTA, higher education achievement register, Oiva – Ministry of education and culture's steering and regulatory service for education administration and Vipunen. Among other things, Arvo has been used in feedback surveys addressed to graduating higher education students (AVOP and Kandipalaute) and the monitoring of alumni careers as well as in feedback surveys for students beginning or completing their vocational education and training.

CSC maintains and develops Arvo in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Finnish National Agency for Education and client organisations.