Solutions for managing and organizing education

Interoperable data management solutions for steering an educational organisation and provisioning education

Working together with our clients, we facilitate management by information solutions based on up-to-date and quality data. With us you can customise your data warehousing, reporting, visualizing and data-analytics solutions to fit the needs of your organization.

We develop digital solutions to support steering and decision making. We also offer nationwide solutions for organising education.

Vipunen  Education Statistics Finland

The portal implemented for the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education that provides extensive, open statistics on education and research.

Coordination of Data Streams and Production

Our coordination services enable the interoperability of different services, from early childhood education to higher education and research.

VIRTA: Higher Education Achievement Register

VIRTA is a national register for higher education achievement records that supports management by information. The VIRTA register makes reliable, efficient and commensurable data available in a centralised manner.

National Data Collections

The Ministry of Education and Culture and other officials collect information on education institutes in order to support steering, reporting and cooperation. The quality of the data and automation are key factors in the data collections.

Education Management Information Service Arvo

Customised data collection system that is used to collect standardised and comparable nationwide educational data for impact evaluation.

Interoperability Descriptions

The interoperability method ensures that shared definitions are applied in a systematic way and that the semantics are passed to every implementation that re-uses the interoperability descriptions.

Steering and Regulatios Service OIVA

Steering and regulations service for basic vocational education that supports the decision-making and steering process. The OIVA system also makes statistics and reports freely available to all.

Tailored Hosting Services

We provide reliable and professional tailored hosting services for higher education institutes, for example concerning the student information service Peppi and the electronic exam system, Exam.

Early Childhood Education Data Warehouse VARDA

VARDA is an up-to-date comprehensive data warehouse by EDUFI that brings together national data on children in early childhood education, the operating models applied, the education locations and personnel.

Funet Network Services

Funet offers a high-speed data communications network that serves higher education and research institutes when connecting to one another, to international research networks and to the commercial internet.