User forums

Elmer user forums for keeping up with the community

The discussion forum and wiki are hosted at Everybody is free to register and participate!

Elmer wiki

Elmer Wiki at is intended to serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas and solutions for Elmer users. It provides a media for the user community to share their work.

Elmer discussion forum

Discussion forum about Elmer is hosted at The new forum divides the discussion into detailed areas and offers good search features. We encourage all former discussion list subscribers to register to the discussion forum and participate actively. After you have registered to the forum you may also subscribe forum post notifications to your email account.

Elmer updates mailing list

For those who prefer email lists there is the elmerupdates list. The mailing list is mainly used by the developers for informing about new releases, new interfaces, etc. This list has low traffic. The information will be also redundantly put to the discussion forum.

Old mailing lists (obsolite)

The elmerdiscussion mailing list was the main method of communication from June 2005 to August 2009. The lists are still provided for historical reference but all new discussion should be directed to the new forum.