Woman + computational science = perfect equation

How does nature work? How can we better understand the world and different phenomena in space? How and why people behave as they do and what is yet to be discovered of being human? Researchers from all around the world have attempted and will continue to keep researching answers to these questions. Computational science has created new opportunities concerning their research. 

In Finland, we can find several top researchers of their respective fields that use computational methods in their work. The ‘Perfect Equation Campaign', introduces ten of them. The aim of this campaign is to highlight female researchers and their fields of study. We hope that their stories are a source of information and inspiration into the fascinating world of science.

Join us in creating a perfect equation!

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Taina Kurki-Suonio
Fusion and plasma physics

Physicist Taina Kurki-Suonio knows that plasma is a temperamental thing. She is one of the people making sure that, one day, the world’s electricity will be generated by fusion power plants.

Laura Elo

Mathematician Laura Elo will be one of the people who decides which medicines we take.

Hanna Vehkamäki
Aerosol physics

Hanna Vehkamäki is a top aerosol physics researcher who has specialised in particle formation processes in the atmosphere. She can list their effects on climate change even in her sleep.

Taina Pihlajaniemi
Medical science

Professor Taina Pihlajaniemi, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, knows that you can combine running a top research unit with demanding leadership tasks. You just have to understand how to prioritise and gain support from your network.

Krista Lagus
Methodology research

Methodology researcher Krista Lagus trusts in the power of curiosity. It led her to study discussion forums, so that people could listen to each other better.

Susan Leerink
Fusion and plasma physics

Susan Leerink is a physicist who is fascinated by complicated problems. Her work on transport processes in fusion plasmas could one day lead to an optimized fusion process for plasma-burning reactors.

Minna Palmroth
Space weather

Minna Palmroth and her team have developed the most accurate space weather simulator in the world – a model that shows us how solar wind affects us.

Reija Autio

Reija Autio should have become a maths teacher. But a university summer job altered the course of her life and she now helps medical experts by sifting essential information from numerical data.

Kaisa Miettinen
Multiobjective optimization

Kaisa Miettinen has helped doctors with radiotherapy and the paper industry to design machinery. This multiobjective optimisation professional helps decision-makers to find optional solutions through a combination of mathematics and IT.

Susanna Pirttikangas
Machine learning and statistics

If it were up to data researcher Susanna Pirttikangas, IT would play a smaller role in our lives. Her research unit is developing smoother and more reliable ways of communicating with devices.