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Bioweek: Data Analysis with R
Date: 04.02.2020 9:00 - 05.02.2020 17:00
Location details: The event is organised at the CSC Training Facilities located in the premises of CSC at Keilaranta 14, Espoo, Finland. The best way to reach us is by public transportation; more detailed travel tips are available.
Language: english-language
lecturers: Jesse Harrison
Anni Pyysing
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The course materials, lunches as well as morning and afternoon coffees are free of charge.
The seats are filled in the registration order.
Additional Information

If you have registered to this course and you are not able to attend, please cancel your registration in advance by sending an e-mail to

This course is part of the PRACE Training activity. Please visit the PRACE Training portal for further information about the course. For content please contact , for practicalities

R is a language that has become one of the most popular tools for data manipulation, visualization and statistics. While there are many R courses, learning these skills can involve a steep learning curve, especially for people with no experience in programming or data analysis. This two-day course aims to help with this initial difficulty by equipping learners with essential skills in data wrangling, plotting and running commonly used statistical tests in R.

The course topics include data importing and exporting, handling complex data sets and creating publication-ready plots with R. We also cover statistical theory and tests including t-tests, linear regression and the Chi-squared test. The course materials are available on GitHub (feel free to have a look at them before the course starts!).

This course is part of the Bioweek 2020. You can participate in ALL or only SELECTED Bioweek's courses. We have planned the Bioweek 2020 so that we are building on top of the previous knowledge. For example, the last course (basics of RNA-seq data analysis) has command line, R/RStudio and CSC services usage as prerequisites.

Learning outcomes

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate RStudio
  • Understand R syntax and how to write R code
  • Import and export data using R
  • Use tidyverse for data wrangling
  • Use ggplot2 for creating high-quality plots
  • Employ t-tests, linear regression and Chi-squared tests in R


  • No prior experience of programming or using R is expected
  • No data analysis or statistical experience is required (but is likely to be beneficial)



Day 1

  • Morning: Introduction, basic features of R
  • Afternoon: Starting with data
  • Evening: Data manipulation, feedback 

Day 2

  • Morning: Data manipulation (continued)
  • Afternoon: Data visualization, statistics
  • Evening: Statistics (continued), feedback

Coffee breaks 

  • 10:40 - 11:00
  • 14:40 - 15:00


  • 12:00 - 13:00