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Elmer FEM programming workshop

Elmer FEM programming workshop
Date: 05.04.2013 9:00 - 05.04.2013 16:30
Location details: -
Language: english-language
lecturers: Juha Ruokolainen
Peter Råback
Thomas Zwinger
Mika Malinen
Mikko Byckling
Price: -
Additional Information

Elmer is one of the most popular multiphysical simulation software published under open source. It has a large variety of physical models but still the users may need to extend the capabilities of the software by writing their own user defined functions or user solvers, or modifying the existing ones.

Elmer FEM programming workshop provides the opportunity to dwell into the coding of Elmer with the guidance of Elmer developers. The course is intended for who have at least a little background in finite element and Fortran programming. The sufficient level of Elmer knowhow may be obtained in Elmer Basic Course the previous day. For more details on that course see:

There is a small chance that the programming workshop could be extended for a 2nd day. If this is interesting to you, please mark it in the registration form.

Below is the preliminary program of the workshop. Changes in the program are possible, and even probable.

  • 9.00 Registration & Coffee
  • 9.30 I Session
    Elmer programming conventions
    Elmer APIs for user defined functions (UDF) and solvers (UDS)
    Compilation and modification of UDFs and UDSs
  • 11.30 Lunch (at own expense)
  • 12.15 II Session
    From PDE to code: Example using a generic advection-diffusion equation.

    Work on user cases
  • 14.00 Coffee
  • 14.20 III Session
    Work on user cases

    Open MP threading in Elmer
  • 16.30 End of course