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GN3 IPv6 Workshop - The Last IPv6 Workshop?

GN3 IPv6 Workshop - The Last IPv6 Workshop?
Date: 05.10.2012 9:00 - 06.09.2012 15:00
Location details: -
Language: english-language
lecturers: See program page.
Price: -
The world IPv6 launch day was on June 6th 2012. Now the main content providers are supplying their services over IPv6 natively. IPv6 has become mainstream. Is it time for the last workshop? Has everything been done on campus? This is the key question to the participants. The topic is approached from the ISP, content provider, access, campus and administration point of views. A possibility to give a short talk or a demo is provided. The participants are challenged to query the speakers and discuss with each other to find out the critial areas of IPv6 roll-out. If such areas exist.

The workshop is open to anyone and will be held on the 4th and 5th October 2012 in Helsinki Finland.

The intended target group is the network engineers working with deployment of IPv6 on campuses and NREN staff involved in IPv6 and campus deployment.

The program of the workshop consists of the following themes:

  • Where are we now
  • Device and software challenges
  • Recommendations and decrees
  • Further development


If you have an opinion, this workshop is for you.

Welcome to the workshop!


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Event program is at the GN3 campus web pages.