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TotalView Tutorial

TotalView Tutorial
Date: 02.03.2013 13:00 - 02.03.2013 17:00
Location details: -
Language: english-language
lecturers: Dean Stewart
Rogue Wave Software
Price: -

Debugging is inevitable when developing software, and parallelism adds another layer of complexity on top of it. A good parallel debugger is a very important tool for development of scientific software.

This workshop is an introduction to debugging parallel software with TotalView, MemoryScape and ReplayEngine utilities available on CSC's new Cray XC service Sisu.
  • Introduction to TotalView: navigation, action points, data monitoring and visualization
  • Debugging for parallel applications
  • Memory debugging with MemoryScape
  • Batch debugging
  • Reverse debugging with ReplayEngine
  • What's new in TotalView