null oGIIR – Open Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Research

Funding source: Academy of Finland

Project duration: 1.1.2017 – 31.12.2019

Project website:


What we are doing:

The objective of the oGIIR project is to establish a user oriented and open-access infrastructure to support the entire Finnish scientific research community with spatial data and analysis services.

oGIIR will make the Finnish geospatial research infrastructure internationally special in two ways: Firstly, it provides an open access sharing network to support scientific research with geospatial information and big data. Secondly, it integrates resources and geocomputing services across the borders of research organizations. The research infrastructure is developed jointly by universities, research institutes and CSC in Finland, and it is open to all scientific institutions in the country. Members of the consortium are: Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) in the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS), University of Turku (UTU), Aalto University (Aalto), University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), and CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd (CSC).

CSC's role in the project is to develop the existing geocomputing infrastructure by adding new software to the supercomputer cluster (Taito), implementing new virtual cloud solutions (cPouta) and making possible the direct use of important datasets in the computing platforms.

The partners currently taking part in the consortium (list above) can open an oGIIR use case project in CSC. Note that much of the developments implemented via the oGIIR project in CSC's infrastructures are directly available as part of the normal CSC's services.