null NORDUnet

Funding source: The five collaborating Nordic research networks and service fees

Duration: Ongoing



What we are doing:

The Nordic countries collaborate actively on network services for Higher Education Institutions and research community. Collaboration started already in 1980 and NORDUnet was founded in 1985.

NORDUnet is a joint collaboration by the 5 Nordic National Research and Education Networks in Denmark (DeIC), Finland (Funet), Iceland (RHnet), Norway (UNINETT) and Sweden (SUNET). NORDUnet is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It is the vision of NORDUnet to be the Nordic Infrastructure for Research and Education, by providing a common world-class network infrastructure, services, support and collaboration platform for the Nordic NRENs and research and education communities and by facilitating other common e-Infrastructures as requested by the Nordic national e-Infrastructure stakeholders. NORDUnet also acts as the Nordic representative towards international initiatives, like the pan-European research network collaboration GÉANT.

Together with the Nordic NRENs (National Research and Education Networks), NORDUnet works continuously to further develop leading edge services and to push the technology envelope. The NORDUnet conference is organised biannually in one of the Nordic countries by NORDUnet in collaboration with the National Research and Education Networks and Nordic science infrastructure organizations. The conference brings together people from Nordic NRENs, higher education institutes and research institutes to collaborate and share knowledge on latest developments, services and research cases. In addition, the NORDUnet Technical Workshop is held biannually in Copenhagen.

CSC operates and develops the Finnish research and education network Funet. NORDUnet provides Funet with the connectivity to international research networks and the internet. NORDUnet utilizes common Nordic resources and leverages common procurements to provide Funet with high quality services where advantages of larger Nordic volumes lead to reduced cost for CSC customers in the Funet network and in services like web conferencing.