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Knowledge Exchange (KE) is a co-operative effort – tasked with developing infrastructure and services to enable the use of digital technologies to improve higher education and research, and promoting open science and research.

The Knowledge Exchange partners are CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland, Denmark's Electronic Research Library (DEFF) in Denmark, German Research Foundation (DFG) in Germany, Jisc in the United Kingdom, SURF in the Netherlands and CNRS, France.

The Knowledge Exchange partners express a common vision based on our five national strategies: 'To make a layer of scholarly and scientific content openly available on the Internet.' Making this vision a reality means creating the building blocks for a European information environment that is outstanding in its support of research and higher education, bringing Europe together while extending the reach of European research around the globe.

KE conducts surveys, produces recommendations and promotes best practices, in collaboration with national actors, EU and other stakeholders. This enhances the possibilities for actors also in the Finnish research community to utilize infrastructures and to be active promoters of open science. Furthermore, working in KE's expert groups offers a possibility for Finnish experts to build international networks. KE is linking national and international efforts of Open Scholarship for the benefit of Finnish researchers.

The KE partners work together on activities in the fields of Open Scholarship and Open Access. CSC is co-leading the activities in the area of Open Scholarhip, and co-ordinating  these activities with national as well as relevant international stakeholders.